Themed Weekends

Sept 19-Oct 26

Anyone wearing the themed clothing/gear will enter the maze at coupon price ($2.00 off).

Food Pantry Contest

Oct 17-19

People bringing one nonperishable food item will get coupon price. Lets see which local food bank gets the most support!!

**Coupons may NOT be used in addition to themes.

Calendar of Events

  • 9/13-14 Grand Opening/Amazing Race
  • 9/19-21-Detroit Tigers
  • 9/26-28-High School
  • 10/3-5-College/                           University
  • 10/10-12-NFL
  • 10/17-19-Food Pantry Contest
  • 10/24-26-UofM vs MSU
  • 10/31-Trick-or-Treating

Welcome to the M60 Corn Maze

& Pumpkin Patch!


Friday 5-8, Saturday 2-9 & Sunday 1-6

This week's theme is UofM vs MSU!!

Wear your gear in get in the maze for $2 OFF!!!

The 2014 M60 Corn Maze - Pure Michigan
 Photo submitted by Penny Kelly

If you are looking for a corny good time this harvest season...come to the M60 Corn Maze. It’s good fun for all ages! Make your way through Michigan related images and find all 10 check points using the clues provided. If you would like a little more excitement, come after dark! This is a great way to spend time with family, friends, youth groups, or sports teams. Scheduled groups of 20+ will get a discounted price. Contact us to make arrangements. 

Look for coupons in the Union City Clarion, Coldwater Shoppers Guide, Battle Creek Shoppers News, Marshall Advisor & Chronicle  and Three Rivers Penny Saver or participate in the themed weekends to receive $2.00 off.

We have many new additions to the fun this year including a pumpkin patch, themed weekends, popcorn machine, Amazing Race kick-off and Halloween Trick-or-Treating!!!